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Avery Point Light house
Avery Point Light house

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Lighthouse Quick Facts

Year Built 1943
Deactivated 1967
Reactivated 2006
Height 55 Feet
Origanal Lens Fifth Order Fresnel
Avery Point lighthouse is located in Groton, Connecticut on the University of Connecticut Avery Point campus. This lighthouse is situated on the shore of the east side of the entrance to the Thames River and was the last to be erected in Connecticut. Avery point lighthouse construction ended in 1943 but was not lit for the first time until 1944. During World War II, the fear of possible enemy evasions by sea caused the delay of the lighting by over a decade. Unlike other Connecticut lighthouses, Avery Point lighthouse has never had a resident keeper.

Avery Point lighthouse is 41 feet tall and was designed by Alfred Hopkins and Associates of New York, NY. June 25, 1967 marks the final day of its aid to navigation. In July 1997 the University of Connecticut at Avery Point, declared the lighthouse to be in "dangerously poor condition" and was said to be a safety hazard.

In 1999 fund-raising began to restore the lighthouse. In late 2001 construction began for the restoration project. Avery Point lighthouse restoration was completed in early 2006 and was finally relit at a gala ceremony on October 15, 2006. This lighthouse can still be viewed by a short walk on the University of Connecticut Avery Point campus or various ferries out of New London.




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