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Lynde Point Lighthouse

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Lighthouse Quick Facts

Year Built 1803
Year Lit 1839
Heigth 65 Feet
Origanal Lens 10 lamps
Origanal Lens Fifth Order Fresnel
Lynde Point lighthouse is located in Saybrook, Connecticut at the west side of the mouth of the Connecticut River on the Long Island Sound. Lynde Point lighthouse is also known as Saybrook Inner lighthouse.

In 1802, Old Saybrook officials decided the busy shipping traffic along the river needed a lighthouse. The land for the lighthouse was purchased from William Lynde and the lighthouse was built by 1803. The 35 foot tall wooden lighthouse was frowned upon by many mariners for being too dim and short.

Despite a group petitioning for the lighthouse to be raised by 25 feet, the decision to build a new lighthouse won. In 1838, a new 65 foot brownstone lighthouse was erected. Even though, the Lynde Point lighthouse continues to be an aid to navigation, it is closed to the public. The lighthouse can still be viewed from several places on the shore and also from the water.




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