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Twin Lights at Navesink Lighthouse First Light
Twin Lights at Navesink Lighthouse
Twin Lights at Navesink Lighthouse
Twin Lights at Navesink Lighthouse

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Lighthouse Quick Facts

Year Built 1862
Year Lit 1862
Heigth 246 Feet Above Sea Level
Origanal Lens First Order Fresnel
Origanal Lens Sixth Order Fresnel
Navesink Twin lighthouse is located in Highlands, New Jersey at the entrance to the New York Harbor and Atlantic Ocean overlooking Sandy Hook Bay. The current Lighthouse was built in 1862; contrary to the name the towers are not identical, in shape or in lighting patterns. Neither tower is in official operation today however they were the first Fresnel lenses in use in the United States. The North Tower blinking light was deactivated in 1898, while the south's towers fixed light was deactivated in 1952. In 1962 the northern lens was changed to a sixth order Fresnel lens and was relit as a privately owned, open to the public lighthouse.




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