Webmasters and Internet based Publications

Lighthouse Prints allows use of our pictures on your website, however the following conditions must be meet.

1.) You must store the picture on your own server; you may not leach pictures from our website to obtain the picture(s) you need to right click on the picture and click "save as".
2.) You may not alter the picture in anyway including cropping; you may resize the photo but it must be kept in its original aspect ratio to prevent bloating or stretching.
3.) You must place text (in English) directly under the picture giving credit to Lighthouse Prints, the Picture and the Text must be linked to Http://www.lighthouseprints.net

Print Media and Publications

Printed Publications that wish to use our prints that do not make money based on the pictures used or money being made is going to the restoration or upkeep of a lighthouse.
Lighthouse prints will often allow you to use our print free of any fee as long as a written contract is place. You must send us information on the publication you will be printing, purpose for using one or more of our pictures. Once Lighthouse prints receives your request we will promptly make a decision and contact you.

Publications that typically would be in this category are brochures for the lighthouse tour or museum, news articles about the lighthouse, ect.

Printed Publications that wish to use our prints that do make money and that money is not going towards the restoration or upkeep of a lighthouse must contact Lighthouse prints to negotiate a fee based contract.

Publications in this category would be Published books for sale, including picture books, calendars, and brochures for tour companies not involved in restoration efforts.

Wholesalers, Resellers, and Bulk buyers

If you're business is interested in selling our prints please contact us to get more information on terms, conditions, and pricing. If you are interested in purchasing four or more prints please contact us for a discounted qoute.


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